Friday, November 12, 2010

ten worst sports teams today

With the Clippers I'm going to keep this short & simple. No team has combined losing, mismanagement, and poor fan relationships better than the "other" team in L.A.. Oh and one playoff appearance in 15 seasons
Yes we know you have John Wall but that still doesn't change the fact that the Washington Wizards are no good. In 1995 the then Bullets. Owner Abe Pollin changed the name due to violent overtones (Gilbert Arenas would disagree), so he changed the name to the Wizards which coincidentally is a ranking in the Ku Klux Klan, but that's neither here nor there. They have not won a Title since 1978, had to deal with MJ's signing of Kwamie Brown & multiple horrible trades. I will give them the fact that they have had some good seasons in the past ten years but the just don't live up to the hype. The past two years they have went 45-119. But hey look on the bright side, John Wall can do the Dougie to entertain you.  
Beside the fact the mascot being REALLY RACIST, this team overall just sucks & some might say unlucky. The Indians have one of the longest championship droughts in sports, as Cleveland has not won the World Series since 1948. In 1995, the high-powered Indians offense was held to a .179 batting average in a six-game loss to the Atlanta Braves and in 1997, shortstop Tony Fernandez missed a sure out as he pulled a Bill Buckner and let a ground ball go through his legs in the bottom of the 11th inning of Game 7. The Florida Marlins would score in that inning to win the World Series. The past ten years have been up's and downs as they have lost TWO Cy Young winners (Lee & Sabathia) and have only made the post season twice, and there overall record for past ten years is 836-897.
Remember in 2008 when they LOST EVERY GAME & then in 2009 only won TWO? Well the reason why the Detroit Lions aren't number one on this list is the future may be the brightest for a team that has not been in the postseason in over a decade. Ford Field is a great stadium that does not field a great team, which is a shame. Fortunately, they are not the only team that can say it plays in a better place than their product. New draftees Ndamukong Suh and Jahvid Best have what it takes to produce in the NFL for years to come. Add to that what appears to be a franchise quarterback in Matthew Stafford if he doesn't get injured every time he enters a game, and other legit talents like wide receiver Calvin Johnson, and you have the makings of a rebirth.
Probably the best team on this list but they haven't won a world series in 103 years, so.... yeah. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is, WINNING IS EVERYTHING!!!
Yes the very underrated city of Cleveland is back on this list. The Cleveland Browns are the only franchise in the NFL who moved to a different city but did not take its name and records along for the change. They came back in the late 90’s managed just one post season appearance since 1999, losing to Pittsburgh. Not to mention draft bust after draft bust. Remember Courtney Brown, Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, & William Green TOTAL BUSTS. The only two good picks was Braylon Edwards & Kellen Winslow Jr. & they traded both of them. I'm so so sorry Cleveland.
The city has seen three World Series Championships from the team, but are on a current 13 year playoff hiatus and a 28 year absence from the World Series. In those same past 13 seasons without a playoff appearance, the team has finished as high as 3rd in the A.L. East just once and finishing below .500 each season. 
Never mind championships, pennants or division titles, the Pittsburgh Pirates haven't even had a winning season in 18 years. They continually field one of the youngest and most inexperienced rosters in the league and are always rebuilding. But hey at least they play in a nice park.

After losing to Tampa Bay in the 2002 Super Bowl, the Raiders have just become a catastrophe of a squad. A black hole, (pun intended) not to mention the almighty Al Davis. JaMarcus Russell who ate his was out of the league and caught charge for having sizzzurp & did I mention the biggest draft bust EVER. Oh yeah they also drafted Darrius Heyward-Bey before Michael Crabtree and lets not forget the Raiders first round pick in 2000 kicker Sebastian Janikowski. Yes, they picked a KICKER in the first round, letting Chad Pennington, Shaun Alexander and Keith Bulluck slip to other teams in the first round.

 Any team that averages a whopping 96 losses per season may as well make their vacation plans for October in April! There should be someway to kick out owners out of a league if they aren’t even trying.They have one winning season in the last 15 years and have managed to finish over 30 games back from first six times. Even in baseball where the least amount of teams make the playoffs each year you should expect that each team make the postseason at least once in 25 years, something the Royals have not been able to manage. They trade away star players (Beltron, Dye, Damon, De Larosa). Whats sad is the Royals never re-sign key players & stars, and never puts a team on the field that is remotely competitive. Allot of experts say the Royals have the best farm system but until they start competing, show some form of effort and quit playing the "we're rebuilding" card they will continue to be number one on this list.

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