Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Rodgers could win Super Bowl 45

It started on a late Thursday night of November 27 2007 when Rodgers stepped in for an injured Favre against the Dallas Cowboys. Rodgers completed 18 passes while throwing for 201 yards a touchdown & zero picks. In 2008 in his first year as a starter Rodgers completed 63% of his passes while throwing for 4,038 yards 28 touchdowns & just 13 picks finishing with 93.8 passer rating, he also had 4 rushing touchdowns. In his second year as a starter he improved with a 103.2 passer rating while throwing for 4,434 yards 30 touchdowns 7 interceptions while completing 64% of his passes also had 5 rushing touchdowns. In his third season he would have been the first player in NFL history to have passed 4000+ yards in his first 3 seasons as a starter but due to having a concussion he was forced to sit out one game as he finished the 2010 regular season with 3,992 yard 28 touchdowns 11 interceptions 4 rushing touchdowns & finished with a 101.2 passer rating while completing 65% of his passes. Rodgers performs so well in domes he has a 106.4 passer rating in 10 career starts with 2,645 passing yards 18 touchdowns & 5 interceptions. His 106.4 passer rating in domes since 2008 ranks no. 1 in the NFL. There is no denying the fact that Rodgers can lead his team to beat the Steelers & escape the shadow of the Favre legacy in Greenbay, but defeating the steelers will take more than just luck & cleverness. It will take determination and flawless execution on his part. Remember we are talking about a man who has carried a team that's been plagued with injuries through 19 games, he has not come this far to just loose. There's a reason he's playing in the Super Bowl, he's coming into his own & developing into a great quarterback before our eyes and on this magical Sunday when he play's in the greatest sporting event of all time he will show the world what he's capable of.