Saturday, November 13, 2010

Charles in Charge (7-22-10)

Are we ready for some football? I would say we all are, and as a Chiefs fan this is the best part of the season, the pre pre season and of course in the pre pre season you always have the delusional thinking that this our year, we’re bringing it home which hasn’t happened since the 1969 season but that’s what makes the pps so great, we get to get caught up in fantasy land.
Over the past three years has been nothing but sadness, what do you expect when you go
10-38 over a three year period. With the countless pitiful seasons, the quarterback carousel of Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, and now Matt Cassle. The retiring of a legend (Priest Holmes) & the departure of Jared Allen who went to Minnesota & the greatest tight end to ever play the game Tony Gonzalez who was dealt to Atlanta on request.
During the offseason the Chiefs have made allot of moves & I believe they are heading in the right direction. In the second year of Scott Pioli as general manager he has made several changes for instance he dealt away Larry Johnson rightfully so after making homophobic remarks about the team, organization and Kansas City. He fired Herman Edwards and hired Todd Haley last year and this year he hired former Patriot alums Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel, plus let’s not forget Weis and Crennel helped coach the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories within four years while Pioli was gm. Probably the biggest acquisition this offseason was the signing of Thomas Jones who signed a two year deal. This will no doubt help the struggling offence. They drafted Eric Berry a safety out of Tennessee, Dexter McCluster a running back out of Ole Miss who will most likely be a K&PR, and Javier Arenas a corner back out of Alabama.
The Chiefs have a lot of talent and with good coaching there should be no reason they can’t contend. The only major weakness I see in the Kansas City Chiefs is at QB. Matt Cassle threw as many touchdowns as he did interceptions. Now, there are no more excuses. He should know his offense, his teammates and himself enough to show that he’s worth the money and faith the Chiefs have invested in him. Probably the most exciting player to watch for is Jamaal Charles. Last year he had four 100 plus yard rushing games in the Chiefs final four games while scoring six touchdowns over the final six games and on top of that he rushed for 259 yards on 25 carries, scoring 2 touchdowns and breaking the Chiefs single game rushing record against Denver. Charles in Charge also became the only player in NFL history to rush for 1,100 or more yards in 200 or fewer carries.
I think we as fans have the right to have the delusion of winning the big one this year, with so much talent and the luck of being in a weak division. For my final thought, this year will be the first year in a long time that the Chiefs will host Monday Night Football against San Diego in the opening week. Also this year the great Marty Shottenhiemer will be inducted into the Chiefs HOF as well as he should be, he is the winningest head coach of the Chiefs and winningest head coach to never win a Super Bowl, no one deserves to win the big one more than Marty as he brought winning back to Kansas City with his memorable Marty Ball.

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