Saturday, March 5, 2011

Apple Scruffs roster for 2011 fantasy baseball season

This is my first year doing fantasy baseball & I’m kind of learning everything as I go, from what I’ve read stolen bases gets you a lot of points & RBI, Runs, & HITS of course. As for pitching I think maybe like strike outs, strikes, & having a low WHIP. Honestly I don’t know, although I easily could just look it up but I’m just a bit lazy. So as you can see below this is my fantasy roster for 2011 season & my teams name is Apple Scruffs. 

C-Kurt Suzuki, Oak C (2010) avg.242 rbi71 hr13 r55 sb3
1B-Kendry Morales, LAA 1B (2010) avg.290 rbi39 hr11 r29 sb0
2B-Chone Figgins, Sea 2B (2010) avg.259 rbi35 hr1 r62 sb42
3B-Ian Stewart, Col 3B (2010) avg.256 rbi61 hr18 r54 sb5
SS-Stephen Drew, Ari SS (2010) avg.278 rbi61 hr12 r57 sb10
2B/SS-Neil Walker, Pit 2B (2010) avg.296 rbi66 hr12 r57 sb2
1B/3B-Billy Butler, KC 1B/DH (2010) avg.318 rbi78 hr15 r77 sb0
OF-Carlos Gonzalez, Col OF (2010) avg.336 rbi117 hr34 r111 sb26
OF-Andrew McCutchen, Pit OF (2010) avg.286 rbi56 hr16 r94 sb33
OF-Hunter Pence, Hou OF (2010) avg.282 rbi91 hr25 r93 sb18
OF-B.J. Upton, TB OF (2010) avg.237 rbi42 hr9 r38 sb42
OF-Manny Ramirez, TB OF (2010) avg.298 rbi42 hr9 r38 sb1
UTIL-David Ortiz, Bos DH (2010) avg.270 rbi102 hr32 r86 sb0
BENCH- Austin Jackson, Det OF (2010) avg.293 rbi41 hr4 r103 sb27
P-Tim Lincecum, SF SP (2010) era 3.43 w 16 WHIP1.27
P-Jon Lester, Bos SP (2010) era 3.25 w19 WHIP1.20
P-Ubaldo Jimenez, Col SP (2010) era 2.88 w19 WHIP1.15
P-Joakim Soria, KC RP (2010) era 1.78 w1 SV43 WHIP1.05
P-Jonathan Papelbon, Bos RP (2010) era 3.90 w5 SV37 WHIP1.27
P-Colby Lewis, Tex SP (2010) era 3.72 w12 WHIP1.19
P-Phil Hughes, NYY SP (2010) era 4.19 w18 WHIP1.25
P-Ryan Dempster, ChC SP (2010) era 3.85 w15 WHIP1.32
P-Bronson Arroyo, Cin SP (2010) era 3.88 w17 WHIP1.15
BENCH- Johan Santana, NYM SP (2010) era 2.98 w11 WHIP1.18
BENCH- Gavin Floyed, CWS SP (2010) era 4.08 w10 WHIP1.37